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New "leak" has Xbox fans excited

A new "leak" via Reddit has sparked hype among Xbox fans, while also possibly being fake.

While not going into that much detail, according to the "leak", Halo: Infinite, Microsoft's latest installment in the hugely popular sci-fi FPS series, is having a very advanced development, and will be releasing in November, which we technically already know. It also mentions that the upcoming new Forza Motorsport title in development is a reboot - with that being the sole reason to why we haven't seen any Forza Motorsport games in Xbox Game Pass yet.

The "leak" goes on to claim that Playground Games are working on Fable IV, the next installment in the Fable series, that it will be launching next year (possibly 2022) and Compulsion Games are working on a new horror game that is going to launch in spring, 2021.

It ends with it claiming that Xbox Game Studios has two new additions joining, that Playful is preparing a big surprise for Xbox fans (Banjo?), with the last part mentioning that Xbox Game Pass will be getting these new games in May: Doom Eternal, Conker L&R, Dying Light, and FFXIII.

As always, take this "leak" with a huge amount of salt. I'm not saying it's not accurate, as I actually do believe at least 75-80% of it is real, but...just don't get too excited already, is all I'm saying.

What's your thoughts on this? Let me know! If it indeed is real, I REALLY can not wait for it all to be unveiled.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/g3ryor/xgs_leaks/

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