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Is 2K planning on remastering Bioshock again?

Is 2K Games planning on publishing yet another remaster of the Bioshock games?

Evidence found via the Truachievements network suggests so - pointing to the possibility of 2K planning on releasing the Bioshock games again, though this time as remasters...even though we've already gotten remastered versions of them, back in 2016, technically.

While 2K's attempt back then to "remaster" the games was fairly good, it lacked any real differences other than better textures and a higher resolution, really. So, are they planning on remastering the games even more, maybe more in the likes of remakes?

We don't know for sure what to expect from these so called remastered editions, but I honestly don't think that these editions are needed. IF (and I don't know it that's a big if) they do release, I'll definitely review them.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know.

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