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EA Access down to $1

EA Access is a subscription service by Electronic Arts, the publisher of major franchises like Battlefield, Star Wars, Need For Speed, FIFA, NHL and Mass Effect - where an active membership of the service gives you full access to over 70 games from the publisher, including those mentioned above.

Normally, a month of EA Access is priced at around $4-$5, but can for the next two weeks be yours for only $1, as EA is having sale for it right now.

Here's a link to the sale over on the Microsoft Store:

Some of the bigger games included in the service are: Anthem, A Way Out, Battlefield 1 & V, FIFA 20, NHL 20, Need for Speed: Heat, but also include classics like Battlefield 4, Black, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Army of Two, Battlefield 3 and Dead Space.

This is a rare occurence, so get on this - I know I will!

* Fuzionreviews may earn a commission when a purchase is made with the link above (Microsoft Affiliate).

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