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Review: EKSA E900 Gaming Headset

When I started my journey about a year ago on a quest to review games, I never really thought I'd ever get to review hardware. That all changed in 2019 when I decided to branch out, as in starting to review headsets, controllers, gaming merchandise, and more. I reached out to EKSA, a company specializing in creating and selling headsets mainly, and they were nice enough to send me a sample of their upcoming gaming headset, the E900. I've now used them a lot, dedicating my time with them in terms of gaming, listening to music, and chatting with people. I definitely have some things to talk about!

Features The E900 gaming headset is not an ordinary headset, this is all due to the fact that it's not using the default 5.1 sound that you're probably used to hearing. Instead, EKSA decided to develop a headset that uses 7.1 virtual surround sound, resulting in a MUCH more immersive experience, especially for gaming. 

7.1 virtual surround sound is vital for gamers that really want to hear every inch of detail, and direction of, for example, an enemy located above you in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, or that lurking fellow named Mr X's footsteps in Resident Evil 2. It essentially helps you locate, even pinpoint exactly where sounds are coming from, which can be extremely helpful in competitive gamig. In a time where many cheap (and some not so cheap) headsets use flashy LED lights on them to cater more to gamers and their constant need of looking brighter than ever while playing games, EKSA thought it would be a good idea to put LED lights on their headset as well. Here's the beautiful part, however: they made it actually look pretty cool. The lights aren't really that big, neither are they too flashy. 

EKSA have managed to find the sweet spot surrounding what's too much, and what's just right. The light is red, while looking very good! It sort of gives the headset in general a better look. In order to use the lights, I had to plug the included USB cable into a nearby port, and doing so never made me have to sit close to my Xbox, or outlet since the cable has a perfect length. The headset features a plug system (you're even able to lock the 3.5mm cable to the port), giving me complete freedom of what extensions I want to be plugged in, at any time. 

For instance, if I don't want to use the microphone, I am free to completely remove it from the headset, and if I ever feel like not using the LED light, I can easily just plug the cable out of the device. Like any other headset, it also has a volume and mic control station on the cord that lets me increase or decrease the volume, as well as a on/off toggle for the microphone. Quality Since I always write 100% honest reviews, I have to say that I wasn't expecting that good of a product from EKSA. Mainly due to the fact that I had never heard of their existance before reaching out to them. To my surprise, they completely blew me away with the E900. First and foremost, the overall quality is tremendously good, I can go as far as saying that it's literally either the best headset I've used, or at least the second best. 

The self-adjusting head beam is of leather, and is very durable, I usually go thinking that it might break if I use the device to much when it comes to most headsets but with the E900, I don't feel worried at all. It just feels so well put together, I can stretch it out as much as possible without there ever being any sign of it breaking. Its earmuffs are of protein memory foam, and my God, I've never used a headset as comfortable as the E900! My ears usually hurt a bit after using a headset for a long period of time but with this, it's next to non-existant. 

They fit perfectly as well, and cover my ears entirely, resulting in amazing sound, too. Many headset devices comes with a microphone, but it doesn't always mean that you friends will be hearing a clear sound from it. Some headsets offer a decent microphone quality, some offer bad quality, and some offer just downright crystal clear quality. Excuse me while I just quickly navigate to my list of the best microphones on headsets, and put the E900 on that list. Yes, the quality really is that good! I know what you're thinking, can all this really be true? I'm aware of it all sounding too good to be true but there's literally nothing negative I can come up with. I spoke with my brother over on Xbox LIVE and he told me that he could hear me very3 clear, with no problems at all. I listened to some recordings made by myself with the microphone, too and sounded flawlessly good. 

The microphone is even better than my Tritton headset's microphone, and I thought that one was great. Now, let's get to the more important part: overall sound quality. Of course, 7.1 virtual surround sound is amazing but it's not something I expect everyone to use all the time, many people use their headsets for their phones, and as far as I can tell, no phone currently have a USB port, so while the increased immersion is awesome, it's not something that can be used all the time. Also, I have not been able to use it since Xbox One doesn't support USB headsets (as of right now), so I sadly can not include my own thoughts about it. I know that virtual surround sound is top notch, though! Any way, the headset's sound quality is simply amazing. I've used it for both music and gaming, as well as listening to people while in Skype, and there's never been a second of low-quality sound. 

I can hear every bit of detail, from distant gunshots in battle royale games, noisy boards in Red Dead Redemption 2's bar in Valentine, to hearing Leon's tone change, and screaming zombies wandering around in Resident Evil 2. I can hear it all so clearly, I'm super satisfied with it. It really feels like I am listening to high-quality sound. Chatting with people has never souned any better than now, I can even hear the background noise if I listen carefully enough. Listening to music is nearly close to being as good as using the device for gaming. It's so loud and awesome! Overall, the sound quality is incredibly good. The earmuffs covering my ears completely makes it all even better! The design is also one of the best designs I've seen. 

It features a nice color combination of black and red, with the headset mostly having a black look, but some parts like the inside of the earmuffs, and the exterior cables near the head beam being red. The parts connecting the head beam to the earmuffs feels like them being of very durable material, almost looking and feeling like metal of some sort (though I doubt that that's actually the case). I simply love the design and it could actually be the most attractive headset I've had. The E900 work with pretty much any platform. Here's a list of things that are included with the E900, and some specifications: Headset specifications. • Interface: 3.5mm/7.1 USB cable. • Driver diameter: 50mm. • Sensitivity: 118dB±3dB. • Speaker impedance: 20Ω. • Frequency range: 20Hz~20KHz. Microphone specifications. • Sensitivity: 42±3dB. • Size: 4.0*1.5MMz. • Microphone impedance: 2.2KΩ. • Supply voltage: 3V. • Current comsumption: 0.5 mA. Included in the package. • 1x EKSA E900 headset. • 1x Pluggable microphone. • 1x 3.5mm jack cable. • 1x USB cable. • 1x 3.5mm tieline. • 1x Operating instruction. All in all Nowadays, you can walk into any retailer selling gaming accesoaries, and buy a cheap headset. The price is probably very good but what you're getting is probably not what you're desiring. Sometimes it's better to just pay that extra set of money in order to get a very good product that'll also hold out for a long time. This is where the EKSA E900 gaming headset comes in, excluding the expensive price. The E900 is the perfect choice if you want an all-rounder: incredibly detailed and high-quality sound, very durable & sturdy, people will hear you loud and clear, the plug system gives the user total freedom, and it has the latest 7.1 virtual surround sound technology for all your competitive needs (or if you just like it for horror games, for example). To top it all off, the price is nearly too good to be true! I really can not express myself negatively about this headset, I've enjoyed every second spent using them, and I see myself doing so pretty much every day. They're also very simple to use! I think EKSA has done a superb job with this headset, they deserve a long lasting applaud!

The EKSA E900 gaming headset is currently scheduled to release in March, and is available to pre-order at the low price of only $40. You can actually grab a pair even cheaper if you navigate to the website and enter the code "DEPOSIT" to get 15% of the price, for a limited time. The shipping time is super fast, too! Interested in buying the E900? That can be done here: E900 Gaming Headset - EKSA. A review sample was provided by EKSA for review purposes.

This review is written by Jesper Ingemansson and is based on his honest opinion about the headset.

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