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Horror driving game, Beware, possibly releasing for Xbox One

I reached out to the creator of Beware, a new creepy yet unique horror game set entirely in a car. The game is essentially about the feeling of being followed at night and it's set in a Russian wilderness/camping ground. 

You're not alone, though as the game features a murderous squad of goons that will be doing everything they can to hunt you down. Beware definitely has potential to become a great survival horror experience. Beware has a demo currently only released for PC where you can try a small portion of the game yourself, but we could be getting the demo over on Xbox One, too (and of course, possibly the full game, too).

Ondrej, the creator, responded to my tweet where I asked about the possibility of the game seeing an Xbox One release. His response was definitely positive! 

The game could actually get an Xbox One release, at least via the Xbox Creator's Program! Awesome! As long as the amount of funds needed is there, and as long as he has the right team needed, it could possibly happen. I for one is greatly excited about this game and it really had me as soon as I saw the demo footage! I can't wait to know more about the possible Xbox One release and hopefully, I'll get to review it once it does! 

Will you be picking it up? Let me know! 

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