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Review: Switch - Or Die Trying.

Threye Interactive, the developers/publishers of the challenging little platformer called Switch - Or Die Trying were nice enough to send me a review copy of it. I've spent some time trying to overcome these challenging levels and I definitely have some things to say about it.

Platform: Standard Xbox One.


What do you get if you combine a challenging platform game and the alphabet? Switch - Or Die Trying, of course! In this neat little game, you play as the letter I. I has suddenly lost all of his friends, which, fittingly, is all the other letters in the alphabet. I now has to go through tons of challenging levels to find all of his friends, making use of his ability where he's able to transform (switch) himself to a big I instead of a small i, which essentially gives you a double-jump advantage.

The game starts with I sleeping in a bed, which is when you're introduced to the "evil" and "good" sides of I. However, I do not know if they're a big part of this game's story.

The game is pretty good looking, even though the graphics are simple, too, by the way. This is where the challenge starts. The first level is very easy, obviously, simply because it needs to learn you the way the game works. As you progress through the first levels, you will really feel the way the game heats up in terms of how challenging it becomes. The game's core gameplay is very simple and basic, and the controls are easily well learned. You move I with the left thumbstick, you jump with the A button, and you press B to switch to the small i/big I. 

I is a very loveable little character, and the way he is so stubborn to find his friends, is very, dare I say it(?), cute. In some way, at least. You find a new letter pretty often and you don't feel like the game is too long. You will, however, rage. Yes, the game will be pretty challenging at times, and I am not ashamed to say that I got pretty angry at times because of that very reason. You should see me playing Dark Souls. I's sounds when dying (I'm sorry, I), doesn't help either. The game obviously doesn't have a story like the Halo franchise has, but there is one, and it will try to keep you entertained while you endlessly try to beat the game's levels. 

The game features a star system where you get a star for completing a certain task in a level. For example: completing the level above in less than 15 seconds, will earn you a star. The game doesn't feature a split-screen mode, though. 

Now, we all know that there is a LOT of these types of games but I will stop you there: this is actually something else, in its own way. This game has a story, it does, and it has a main character that you will NOT be tired of seeing. You will die a lot, you will rage, you try a lot and you will play for a while if you're in it for the long run, but you will also feel very satisfied with what you've played, as well as entertained.

All in all: Switch - Or Die Trying is a wonderful and challenging, yet simply made little game that features a loveable character that you WILL want to play as, and it will scratch every itch that you have in terms of difficulty.

My score: 4.8 out of 5.

+ Good level design.

+ Challenging.

+ Loveable character(s).

+ Entertaining gameplay.

+ Simple controls.

- Lacks multiplayer.

Reviewed by Jesper Ingemansson.

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