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Review: Bedlam: The Game By Christopher Brookmyre - Work in progress.

Christopher Brookmyre himself was awesome enough to send me a review copy of his brilliant game, Bedlam. 

Platform: Xbox One.


If someone asked me right now, "Hey, Jesper! What game sums the 80's and 90's of online gaming up the most?", I'd definitely answer with "Bedlam, for sure". 

Bedlam is a game that is written by Christopher Brookmyre, and developed by RedBedlam. If you ever feel that there is a lack of retro online gaming and 80's & 90's in your life, Bedlam is the game for you. 

It all starts off with you, the character, being in some sort of weird test room, that later on takes you to a simulation, sort of. The simulation, is you being an action hero in a world of today's 80's/90's of online gaming. It has the graphics and visuals that you'd expect it to have: good looking in terms of 80's/90's gaming but falls short in today's standards. Obviously, that's what they wanted it to be like. It has the features of today's standards, though. It seems to be running in native 1080p at 60 fps, too. Expected, of course! The game has a very simple and basic menu, with a very cool live background of what I think is the main character. There's also a very interesting feature in the settings, that can change how long the person you've just brutally killed, should lay on the ground, the person can even lay on the ground forever. Pretty unique!

As I walk around in the retro wasteland, I see and enter a building that leads me to this guy: 

Talking to him leads to him wanting me to do a salute in front of him (of course). The joke's on him, however: the main character accidentally ("accidentally"?) stabs him to death. Great way to start the game! 

No retro game is a retro game without a diverse arsenal of retro gaming inspired weapons! As of now, I've encountered the pistol, double-barrel shotgun and crossbow. The game features the mechanic that we've all seen a lot, the "pick up and throw away" mechanic. Also known as when you're able to pick an object up, as well as either put it down or throw it away. I've, so far, been able to pick up bodies and crates. Now, the game also features ragdoll physics and limb dismemberment, which is very awesome! 

So far, the game is very fun to play and it gives you a very welcome sense of nostalgia! The main character needs to hold out as the action hero as long as possible for her to be able to get out of the simulation. When I think about it, however, it seems like the simulation isn't just a simulation, it's more real than what we might think. The protagonist hints at this, when she feels the pain of getting hurt.

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