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  • Jesper Ingemansson

My channel is now mostly free from Copyrighted videos. Feels great!

When you want to make tributes to the late great actor, Paul Walker, there's a high risk that those videos

will be ID claimed (which means that there's some content in that particular video that you do not own). Now, it's not such a big deal, it happens all the time for many Youtuber around the world but to be on the safe side, I deleted most of my copyrighted videos that were available on my Youtube channel. It feels great but at the same time, it's feels like a nightmare. I worked my ass of on some of those videos (Yes, they're backed up on my computer, of course) but at least I'm a bit safer than before. The worse that could happen is that my channel got a copyright strike (not the end of the world but still a bad thing). Hopefully, that'll not happen at all! Anyways, it feels great and stay tuned for upcoming posts on this website and new videos on my channel. Peace!

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